New NADA Book (2023)

"NADA. Ear Acupuncture for Addiction and Mental Illness" by Kajsa Landgren was

published in 2023 (212 pages, self-published, translation by Siiri Hedlund).

NADA is a simple form of standardized ear acupuncture used in more than 70

countries in conjunction with standard psychiatric care and addiction

treatment. It has been used in treatment centers, prisons as well as crisis intervention

after natural disasters and acts of terrorism.    

The book is a textbook for NADA training courses that describes the points and craft

with clear pictures, as well as describing how the NADA method was formed out of a

revolutionary movement in the USA in the 1970s. It also provides a scientific

explanatory model for how ear acupuncture works and a detailed picture of the

research support for NADA.

From the foreword by Dr Kenneth "Khensu" Carter, US NADA President: "Kajsa´s writing is

an easy read that is warm, engaging. This NADA book is full of heart both her own and the heart of

NADA–’s mission, aspiration, and purpose. It does much to capture the spirit of NADA in its many

aspects across the patient and practice spectrum. I will be recommending this book to novice NADA practitioners and to experienced NADA trainers. There is something here for everyone."

From the foreword by PhD Beverley de Valois, researcher and acupuncturist: “it is much needed and

will be a huge asset to the extensive global NADA network. … Her explanation of what the NADA protocol is, and how to administer it, is clear, comprehensive, and hugely informative. … she has conveyed the fascination and spirit of NADA in a work that also communicates its practical, clinical, and scientific facets. It is immensely readable, and once I started, I could not stop.”  

The book is available in a printed version as well as an ebook. The printed version can be ordered at this webshop. The price in Swedish crowns is SEK 440 (approximatly $ 41,

€ 37.5 or £ 32.2) plus shipping.

The ebook can be ordered here. The price for the ebook in Swedish crowns is SEK 295 (approximatly $ 27.5, € 25 or £ 23, no shipping cost). The ebook uses the EPUB3 format

compatible with Apple Books, Google Books and Thorium ebook reader apps.

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